Sunday, July 12, 2009


It has finally ended - IJC Military Band Concert 2009 - the Sounds of Silence. Being the director, there are a lot of matter I would like to, and have to touch on.

First of all, the unintended discomfort to the Economy Class audience. Well, I would like to take this oppurtunity to sincerely apologise for this condition. We really didn't expect the circuit to break at the very last minute. By the way, looking at another aspect, the positive one, I'm truly grateful to God. I mean, what if the hall circuit broke down instead of the circuit of the other block? :O

So people, this is your cue to start donating to the IJC Rebuilding Fund, considering the bad wiring and stuff. XD Wait a minute, maybe you should donate to the band. :p I'm sure most of you audience noticed the squeaking sounds coming from the stage. Nope, there were no mice at all, no worries. Its our ragingly ancient instruments. *sob* You people know what to do, right? ;D

Ok, fine fine..moving on. Another matter that requires me to apologise is the impoliteness of my Year 1 juniors. If any of them had offended any of you audience in one way or another, I, on behalf of them, am deeply sorry.

Also, regarding the VIP seats being taken by uncivilised audience. As the director, I've already done my best to ensure this does not happen. As a normal being, I believe the blame shouldn't be put on the band. Instead, sorry to say this, but the people breathing on this earth now should learn to be more civic minded. Sorry to the audience whom the band members were harsh with.

I understand that some of the audience felt that the concert was boring. To me, our beautiful music was drowned by the noises made by the audience. Sorry, audience. Silence is golden, remember? Silence is p-u-r-e.

I guess that's it for now. I'll be updating should any other problem arise from the concert.

Thank you for supporting this concert. Hope to see you next time! :)

Any comment on improving the band/process of the upcoming concert is appreciated.


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